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Yup, you could say 2020 was a bit much for all of us (*ahem* understatement)!!

So why don’t we make things SIMPLE for 2021?

Here’s how you can get started…

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Here at Emerge Fitness Studio, you’ll find an amazing community that truly understands and supports everyone regardless of your fitness level, experience or age.


If you’re new to exercising or just haven’t done much of it lately, you’ll find our wide range of fitness programs ideally suited for anyone.


We look forward to helping you on your journey to better health and fitness!

*Introductory offer, for a limited time only.  1 per client. 

Our Fitness Programs

We understand that every client is unique and that’s why we offer different fitness options. Whether it’s Fitness Classes or Personal Training, we know you’ll find YOUR ideal fitness program at Emerge Fitness Studio!

Fitness Classes

Get personalized attention in a variety of classes in groups up to 12 people

Personal Training

Get customized one on one training with your own certified personal trainer

Emerge Fitness Complimentary Pass



We use the Mindbody Mobile App.
You can download it to your mobile phone
and book your classes through there.


From overweight Mom to fitness studio owner!

I never saw it coming.

Nope, not in a million years. Like not even a tiny blip. But as with most things in life, the path that is meant to be has a funny way of finding you. And almost always, it comes to you as an unlikely opportunity. The trick is to recognize it.

This is my story of how I went from being an overweight Mom to fitness studio owner…

Emerge Fitness Google Review

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Subscribe to our Newsletter