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Totally. Freaked. Out. My first time at a fitness studio

Do YOU remember your first time at a fitness studio?

I’m willing to bet that you do. One never forgets their “first time”, right?!

Were you excited? Freaked out? A bit of both??

For me, it was a dark and gloomy day at the end of January 2017. No really, it was. And I remember it like it was yesterday…


The big step…

Even before I got out of my car, I felt sick to my stomach.

What on earth was I doing here??? I had NEVER been to a gym or fitness studio EVER. Not even accidentally.

After sitting in my car for what felt like slightly less than eternity, I somehow mustered the courage to get out. I walked across the parking lot and opened the door to the fitness studio.

Then came the long flight of stairs up to the second floor. I stopped at the top, my heart literally beating out of my chest. Now I really felt like throwing up. I was winded from the climb up and I was also totally scared about what waited for me on the other side of that door. Maybe scared isn’t quite the right word…more like petrified.

What would everyone look like?

Were they all size zeros? Or less??

Were they all decked out in their Lululemon best??

Would they even be friendly?

Or would they all look at me and think “SHE’S clearly in the wrong place!”?

And more importantly, WHY were all these incredibly negative thoughts filling my brain??

Because I was FREAKED OUT!!

Totally and utterly freaked out.

Yes, “Fear of the Unknown” had griped me and she was holding on tight. “Fear of Not Fitting In” was also there and she brought along her good friend, “Fear of Failure”. What a fun bunch to have along with you for your first time at a fitness studio.

I closed my eyes and walked through the door…


A new journey…

What did I find on the other side??

A group of amazingly wonderful women! They were kind, warm, and dare I say, FRIENDLY. In a matter of minutes, they had put me at ease. All the stress and negativity seemed to just evaporate.

There were all shapes and sizes too…Lululemons stretching alongside some Walmart and Old Navy.  I was starting to feel like I might just fit right in.

Maybe they showed me such kindness because they knew. They could see the fear etched on my face when I’d walked in. They too had experienced those same negative thoughts. Maybe we were now united in some kind of “freaked out” sisterhood??

Well I thank you, sisters, for that compassion. I will never forget it. Perhaps it will serve to remind me to pay it forward one day.

I’m forever grateful that I climbed those stairs and walked in the fitness studio.

If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve met some inspiring and remarkable people, made vast improvements to my health and somewhere along the way, found the courage to challenge myself.

That’s a pretty good start, wouldn’t you say?


I wanted to share my story with you because I think that we ALL, at times, paralyze ourselves with debilitating negative talk. Unfortunately, we can get so bogged down with that negativity and self doubt that we just can’t take that first step. I truly hope that you DO take that first step, in whatever it may be that speaks to you. You never know who may look to you and be inspired by YOUR strength.


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Anna Ludwinowski

Once an unhealthy overweight Mom, Anna took desperate action to turn her life around and became a client at a fitness studio. After 2 years, she became the new owner! A new found love of fitness, clean eating and overall wellness has inspired her to start this blog. When she's not at Emerge Fitness, she's likely at her other business, Essential Packaging Inc where she works with her husband, David. She likes to hike with her son Matthew, hang out with her chickens and her constantly shedding dog, Soda.

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