Help make first workout a success

Help make your first workout a success with these 5 simple tips!

You’ve made the decision to start working out – that’s great! But now you’re wondering how to help make your first workout a success?

We’ve got 5 simple tips to help you! They’re good reminders for all new gym goers but honestly, ALL of us should really pay attention to #3, #4, and #5. Taking some time to prepare yourself for your workouts will definitely help you be more successful.


5 simple tips to help make your first workout a succes-

1. Dress comfortably- don’t worry about whether you’ve got the latest Lululemon gear or being all matchy matchy. Just wear what feels comfy and let’s you move freely. You may even want to try some things on ahead of time to see if they’ll more, bunch or ride up.

2. Wear good runners- make sure you’ve got good runners on. Trendy “athleisure” sneakers look great but they probably aren’t going to be the most supportive during your workout. You may want to invest in a really good pair that you keep for gym use only.

3. Get a good sleep- if you’re coming to 6am class and you went to bed at 1am, you’re probably not going to be at your best, right?! If you didn’t get enough sleep, you’re not going to be very motivated to get up and go to class. Also, be realistic – if you’re a night owl, early morning classes may not be the right time for you.

4. Hydrate – I know it seems obvious but we sometimes forget. Hydrate before class, during and after class. Your body will be working hard and sweating so you’re gonna need plenty of water! Drinking water will also help with your recovery.

5. Make sure you eat – a car won’t run without fuel and neither will your body! Good nutrition will help fuel your body for the workout and the recovery afterwards. If you don’t have much time before your workout, grab something easy like fruit, yogurt, nuts or protein bars.


Sure these are easy tips but you’d be surprised how we forget the simplest things when we haven’t developed a routine yet. By following these tips, you’ll help make your first workout a success!


Here at Emerge Fitness Studio, we can help you find the right program for you. Whether it’s small group fitness classes or customized Personal Training, we’ll get you started on feeling better, moving better and living better!

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Anna Ludwinowski

Once an unhealthy overweight Mom, Anna took desperate action to turn her life around and became a client at a fitness studio. After 2 years, she became the new owner! A new found love of fitness, clean eating and overall wellness has inspired her to start this blog. When she's not at Emerge Fitness, she's likely at her other business, Essential Packaging Inc where she works with her husband, David. She likes to hike with her son Matthew, hang out with her chickens and her constantly shedding dog, Soda.

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