Thanks to my motivating trainer

Nope, not without a motivating trainer…

Not without a motivating trainer, nope, never…

Yesterday was the start of my 3rd week actively participating in classes and I gotta tell you it was tough one! Having said that, it was a good workout and I can honestly feel myself getting stronger.

But, yes there’s always a but…

There’s NO WAY in the world I would’ve worked that hard on my own nope, never! My effort came solely as a result of my trainer, Lynn. Trainers do a lot of things including support, guidance and expertise but I think MOTIVATION is a huge part. A good motivating trainer inspires you to WANT to do more. They somehow bring out the best in you, especially when you feel you’ve got nothing left to give.

Sometimes I think her stopwatch must be broken (how can 45 seconds be THAT long?!) but I’m always surprised how much more I can squeeze out when I hear “you’ve got this” or “just a few more”. If I was working out on my own, I’m sure I would’ve packed it in much sooner! And that’s the difference, a good motivating trainer can encourage you to go that extra little bit.

Sure, you can workout on your own, maybe at a big box gym with all the selfie takers, and you’ll probably have a decent workout. But I guarantee you it won’t be the same as the workout I got yesterday, thanks to my kickass motivating trainer.


Need a motivating trainer to help YOU get a good workout? Trust me, it can really make all the difference in the quality of your workout. Join us here and see for yourself!


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Anna Ludwinowski

Once an unhealthy overweight Mom, Anna took desperate action to turn her life around and became a client at a fitness studio. After 2 years, she became the new owner! A new found love of fitness, clean eating and overall wellness has inspired her to start this blog. When she's not at Emerge Fitness, she's likely at her other business, Essential Packaging Inc where she works with her husband, David. She likes to hike with her son Matthew, hang out with her chickens and her constantly shedding dog, Soda.

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