perfect Instagram body

That perfect Instagram body…does it really exist??

You’ve seen them, they’re everywhere.

That perfect Instagram body.

If you’ve scanned through Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen a barrage of perfect bodies. From super models to fitness trainers and everyone in between, there’s a sea of perfection just waiting for you at the click of a mouse.

Being in the business of fitness, I follow a number of fitness related accounts on Instagram. Many such as Alexia Clark and Kayla Itsines, provide viewers the latest workout routines and programs. They do however, also reflect that perfect Instagram body as well.  As easy as it may be to get caught up in that, remember that this is their BUSINESS. They know how to sell an image so that you’ll buy their product.  And while they’re all too happy to show off their bodies in the latest (sponsored) gym wear, we can’t take away from the fact that they work very hard to achieve their levels of fitness. It also didn’t happen overnight.

But there appears to be some truthful light on the horizon.

I recently read an insightful post by Shannon Miller on Hello Giggles that shed some light on that perfection. Yes, there are some amazingly amazingly fit women out there that have achieved their bodies through a lot of hard work and dedication. But there are many more that have arrived at their perfection through surgery, fillers, posing, lighting and Photoshop. Ah, that perfect Instagram filter.

My biggest takeaway (read: eye-opener) from that post was the reference to a post by Cassie Ho on her Blogilates site. Our view of the perfect body is actually our “current” view, as in today, in 2019.  A look back in history will show that body perfection has changed dramatically over time. Remember Marilyn Monroe? Of course you do. She was stunning and the envy of many women (and maybe just a few men).

Marilyn was also a size 14. Would she be considered a perfect Instagram body? Think she’d have millions of followers on Instagram today? A good question, right?!

What I also found interesting was that after seeing all her Photoshopped versions, Cassie liked her current body best.  What struck me was how simply she put it…the best part of her body was that it was HERS.

Yes, many of us struggle with our selves, both inside and out. But that one truth remains, it’s OUR body. It’s a body that has lived only YOUR life, no one else’s.

It’s unique and it’s beautiful, just like you.

Anna Ludwinowski

Once an unhealthy overweight Mom, Anna took desperate action to turn her life around and became a client at a fitness studio. After 2 years, she became the new owner! A new found love of fitness, clean eating and overall wellness has inspired her to start this blog. When she's not at Emerge Fitness, she's likely at her other business, Essential Packaging Inc where she works with her husband, David. She likes to hike with her son Matthew, hang out with her chickens and her constantly shedding dog, Soda.

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