what does being healthy mean to you

What does being healthy mean to YOU?

What does being healthy mean to YOU?

Great question, right? I do think it can mean different things to different people. Unfortunately, today, it seems to be a lot more visual.

LOOKING fit vs. BEING healthy.

Honestly, for the longest time, I thought that if you “looked” fit that meant you must be super healthy. As I’ve gotten older (maybe wiser?!) I’ve come to see that isn’t always true. Yes, there are exceptions though GENERALLY speaking, that isn’t the case.

It used to just be those fitness magazines with the incredibly (and almost impossibly) chiseled bodies on the cover. And now, we throw social media into the mix. From the Insta fitness stars to the celebrity “fat” shaming, we seem bombarded with the message that ONLY the thinnest of thin is ok.


Personally, I can sometimes feel overwhelmed and I’m an adult. How are young people supposed to navigate these dangerous waters?? Or our children? It would seem that our guidance is more important than ever.

What if we try to shift the focus to BEING healthy? Crazy, I know.

But healthy isn’t a size, a number or even a particular look. It’s so much more than that.

So what does being healthy mean to YOU?


  • having good relationships with others?
  • loving ourselves
  • eating good nutritious food?
  • being in a good place mentally and emotionally?
  • getting good sleep?
  • moving your body so you feel good and free from pain?
  • or is it something else?


To me, being healthy isn’t so much about what I look like rather more about HOW I FEEL. And I FEEL healthier than I ever have before in my life. Good food and moving my body have contributed greatly. And the better I feel, the more things I WANT to do that add to that feeling.

I’d love to hear what YOU think about this. What does being healthy mean to you??

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Anna Ludwinowski

Once an unhealthy overweight Mom, Anna took desperate action to turn her life around and became a client at a fitness studio. After 2 years, she became the new owner! A new found love of fitness, clean eating and overall wellness has inspired her to start this blog. When she's not at Emerge Fitness, she's likely at her other business, Essential Packaging Inc where she works with her husband, David. She likes to hike with her son Matthew, hang out with her chickens and her constantly shedding dog, Soda.

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