How We’re Keeping you Safe at Emerge Fitness

We’re keeping you safe with our Covid protocols as outlined by  Fraser Health and Worksafe BC guidelines.


What we’re doing


  • The number of clients in each class/workout has been reduced to a maximum of 8
  • We’ve spread out each client’s workout area so there’s plenty of room between clients
  • We’ve set out any equipment that each client needs so there’s NO sharing of equipment
  • If additional equipment is needed, a trainer will bring it to the client
  • Trainers will cue and correct form VERBALLY in class
  • We’ll be cleaning and disinfecting each client’s area, equipment and mat after each use
  • We’ll be cleaning the bathroom, common touch areas and the floor throughout each day
  • We’ve lowered music volume
  • If you are sick, please DO NOT attend the class
  • We’ll be updating clients with any relevant information, changes and updates via email
  • These guidelines will be posted on the bulletin board area at the studio


What you can do


  • Wear a mask when entering/exiting the studio 
  • Bring your own mat if you prefer (cleaned and disinfected mats are available)
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Come 5 minutes before your class so you have time to get ready
  • You must sanitize your hands when you come in or wash your hands in the bathroom BEFORE your class
  • Please exit the studio after your class/workout (we need to have enough time to clean/sanitize)
  • Please contact us if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding our safety protocols and how we’re keeping you safe


For more information please visit these websites:


Fraser Health



        ALL CLIENTS attending classes, Personal Training and    workshops will be required to provide their vaccine cards.


Our primary goal has always been, and will always be, the health and safety of our clients and trainers. All Provincial Health Orders have been followed from the start and we’ll continue to do so going forward. That includes the vaccine card requirement.


We appreciate that we all have our own opinions and choices regarding the vaccine. We respect everyone’s position whatever it may be.


As a “non-essential business” (as determined by  the Provincial Government) we are REQUIRED to follow this Provincial Health Order so we can continue to operate and provide wellness for our clients.


        The Provincial Health Order requires-

        -clients have their 1st vaccine dose by September 13th, 2021

        -clients have their 2nd vaccine dose by October 24th, 2021



        How to provide your proof of vaccine-

        -take a screenshot of your card and email to

        -take a screenshot of your card and text to 604-600-7232

        -show your card when you come to your next class


We thank everyone for their understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions.