Our Amazing Team!

We’re here to support you and get you out of your comfort zone so you can grow


Our dedicated team of certified trainers are here to help you on your journey towards better health and fitness. Their vast experience, gentle encouragement and unwavering support will help you achieve your goals.


Not to mention, they’re all just super nice people to hang out with!


Teresa Baynes

Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

With 30-plus years helping people realize that change is possible no matter your circumstances. Having recently experienced a 30-pound weight loss, Teresa believes that an active lifestyle can benefit every aspect of one’s life. She truly understands women who struggle with weight and health issues and is a living testament to how regular exercise can improve your entire being.


Lynn Todter

Certified Personal Trainer, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer

Lynn's passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals while simultaneously having fun! She has been physically active all her life, starting with gymnastics at the tender age of 2. Over the past 25 years, Lynn has participated in many sports and has been highly engaged in all aspects of fitness, including training with weights and aerobic exercise. She strives to help people find activities that they enjoy so they can stick with them as healthy, lifelong choices.


Bridget Gemino

Osteofit Instructor, Yoga Instructor and BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor

Bridget is an Osteofit, Yoga and BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor. She's had a lengthy career in health care that spans thirty-plus years as a Recreation Therapist/Dementia Care Specialist. She currently works in residential care, offering leisure and recreation services to seniors with varying abilities.

Emerge Fitness Studio

Tara Jorgensen

Certified group fitness instructor

Tara has been teaching group fitness for 3 years and is Canfitpro certified. She's passionate about helping people feel strong and reaching their goals.
As a body builder and a competitor, she knows the value of training for fun and for life.
She believes anyone can do what they set their mind to and loves to see people reach their true potential.

Anna Ludwinowski

Owner of Emerge Fitness Studio

Anna went from couch potato to running her first 10km Sun Run in 2015 and hasn’t looked back!


She joined the studio in 2017, working with Lynn to improve her health and fitness. Her belief that anyone can get healthier with the right support around them, lead her to becoming owner of the studio in September 2018.


Married for 24 years to her husband David, she also works with him in their other business, Essential Packaging.


She enjoys trail running, hiking with her son Matthew, and raising her chickens.