better fitness at 40

Better fitness at 40!

These were literally my first steps to better fitness at 40!

I’d heard about the infamous staircase at Emerge, so I was mentally prepared for the climb up when I arrived at 5:50 am that first January morning. Physically taking those steps, I felt strong. I was determined and excited for what a boutique studio like this one could offer.

I’ve been to all kinds of gyms before. Women’s only, big warehouse-style gyms, my amenities room gym, yoga classes, workout classes at the Y, city recreation classes, spin studios, aquafit, pilates… the list goes on.

But Emerge felt different.

Do you ever get anxious when you’re experiencing something for the very first time? Upon entering the studio, Lynn greeted me with the nicest smile! Not only that but she introduced me to everyone else in the class and they all gave me the warmest welcome.

Leading up to this point, I had been feeling so isolated and alone. When you completely uproot your career, one of the hardest things is finding a community that understands what that is like and can support you.

As I worked on my business, I started to build my support system and find my new normal. But I didn’t have a tribe to support my new health goals. To find a place as welcoming as Emerge, when I was starved for connection and feeling at my worst, was such a relief. I immediately felt at ease and a sense of belonging.

The ladies were generous enough to leave the very front mat open for me but it didn’t feel intimidating. Rather, everyone was very encouraging and each exercise had modifications so I could do whatever version felt right for my ability.

Don’t get me wrong, these first steps to better fitness at 40 had been hard. I pushed myself because I wanted to see what my neglected, 40-year-old body was capable of. In the end, I knew I had given it my all and everyone cheered my accomplishment along with me.

Then, after the burpees, plank, pushups, squats and all, I had to walk down those stairs. My legs were so tired I thought they would almost give way! But, I also felt energized and proud. I had gotten up early to put my priorities and myself first.

I came home to my boys who were getting ready for work & school together just in time to share a small breakfast and start our daily routine.

This could very easily fit into my day, I remember thinking.

Now, on this sunny day in May, it certainly has and I’m so thankful I made this commitment to myself.

Vanessa Bucceri

I’m Vanessa Bucceri - a South Surrey based web designer who works with female founded brands that empower women. I love to inspire and uplift others through compelling storytelling using visuals and words. I share my story here in hopes to motivate, encourage and connect with others. Thanks for reading!

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