Health & Wellness Workshops

Throughout the year, we will be offering various health and wellness workshops.



October 2/19 @ 7pm- The Vagina Coach

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is a Kegel and why is it important?


Well I’m so glad you asked because you’re not alone. And yes, even though this topic may be personal to some, when it comes to the health and wellness of our bodies, it’s important for us women to know the facts.


That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome
Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach to our studio!


Kim will explain how doing Kegel exercises strengthens your pelvic floor which supports your uterus, bladder, small intestine and your rectum. In this 2 hour workshop, Kim will share her expertise, followed by a short break with light refreshments. She’ll then take us through various pelvic floor Kegel exercises and answer any questions you may have.


As we’ll be on yoga mats for our exercises, please dress comfortably. We’ll have some mats available but please bring your own if you have one.


This workshop is open to all women so bring a friend!
Light refreshments will be served.